Non-League Teams

In the season records, Conference and Alliance Premier League teams are indicated by a A superscript. Southern League top division teams (up to the foundation of the Conference North and South divisions in 2004) are indicated by an S superscript. Other non-league teams are indicated by an N superscript. The leagues these teams participated in were as follows:

   FA Cup
    1892-93  Clifton Association       Bristol & District League
    1893-94  Warmley                   Bristol & District League
    1894-95  Clifton Association       Bristol & District League
    1895-96  Bristol St George         Western League
    1896-97  Bedminster                Western League
    1898-99  Bristol Rovers            Western League
    1899-00  Wycombe Wanderers         Southern League II
    1899-00  Marlow                    Great Western Suburban League
    1899-00  Chesham Town              Southern League II
    1911-12  Southall                  Southern League II
    1911-12  Castleford Town           Midland League
    1911-12  Southport Central         Central League
    1924-25  Erith & Belvedere         Kent League
    1925-26  Leyton                    London League
    1933-34  Sutton Town               Derbyshire Senior League
    1936-37  Ilford                    Isthmian League
    1947-48  Bromley                   Athenian League
    1957-58  Wisbech Town              Midland League
    1960-61  Kettering Town            Southern League II
    1963-64  Enfield                   Isthmian League
    1966-67  Hendon II                 Isthmian League
    1967-68  Dagenham                  Athenian League
    1970-71  Bishop's Stortford        Athenian League
    1971-72  Bridgwater Town           Western League
    1971-72  Blyth Spartans            Northern League
    1972-73  Hayes                     Isthmian League
    1973-74  Slough Town               Isthmian League II
    1975-76  Hendon II                 Isthmian League
    1976-77  Wycombe Wanderers         Isthmian League
    1979-80  Barking                   Isthmian League
    1982-83  Bishop's Stortford        Isthmian League
    1984-85  Barry Town                Welsh League
    1984-85  Bognor Regis Town         Isthmian League
    1988-89  Hendon II                 Isthmian League II
    2000-01  Grays Athletic            Isthmian League

   FA Amateur Cup
    1894-95  South Bank                Northern League

Other teams before 1894 were probably not members of a league. I couldn't track down Eastleigh LSWR (London and South Western Railway) (1895-96) or Oxford City, Chesham Generals and Richmond Association (all 1900-01). Corinthians, who Reading played in 1935-36, were a London-based amateur team existing outside the league structure.

Unless otherwise indicated, the team competed in the top level of the given league. The roman numeral II denotes the second level. The actual designation of these divisions - Premier Division, Division 1 or Division 2, along with regional sections - varies from league to league and from period to period. For example, the history of the top level of the Southern League is given in the description of the S superscript. The Football Club History Database is very useful for this sort of information.

The origins of some of the 19th Century teams is not always obvious from their name. Most were based in London, although Swifts (1880-81) were from Slough, Royal Engineers (1882-83) were from Chatham, Royal Artillery (1898-99) were from Portsmouth. South Bank (1894-95) is near Middlesbrough. Richmond Association (1900-01) were from Richmond upon Thames, not the one in Yorkshire. Sutton Town (1933-34) were from Sutton in Ashfield, in Nottinghamshire, and are now Ashfield United.

Also see here for information on team name changes.

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