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South Shields are one of those teams who give football historians headaches. They were elected to Division 2 in 1919 and remained there until 1928, when they were relegated to Division 3 North. In 1930 they moved home in a forlorn search for bigger crowds, to became Gateshead. After an undistinguished but not awful League career they were unlucky not to be re-elected in 1960, being replaced by Peterborough. They struggled on until 1973 before going bust. Meanwhile a second South Shields club had been formed, and history repeated itself as they moved to Gateshead to become Gateshead United. However they only lasted a couple of years before folding themselves. At this point the current Gateshead club was founded. Meanwhile a third South Shields club has been formed. They split their time between playing in the Northern League and keeping a close eye on Gateshead's finances.

South Shields

 1926-27  D2     H  W  2-1    A  L  0-3
 1927-28  D2     H  W  5-1    A  D  0-0
                        PL  HW HD HL  HF  HA  AW AD AL  AF  AA  PTS  P3/PL
 1. Football League 2    4   2  0  0   7   2   0  1  1   0   3    5  1.750