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The story of Thames is one of the most bizarre in Football League history. West Ham stadium was a huge bowl used primarily for greyhound racing. In 1928, the owners, looking around for a new source of revenue, founded a football club, Thames. They were immediately granted admittance to the Southern League, finishing third in the Eastern section in their second season. In 1930, when Merthyr were not re-elected, it was Thames, rather than the Southern League champions, Aldershot, who were elected in their place. However it soon proved to be a mistake. With a number of established teams on their doorstep, there wasn't room for yet another team in East London. With a pathetically low level of support - reaching a low of 469 for the visit of Luton - and little success on the field, the club folded in 1932, being replaced by Aldershot.


 1931-32  D3S    A  D  0-0    H  W  5-1
                        PL  HW HD HL  HF  HA  AW AD AL  AF  AA  PTS  P3/PL
 1. Division 3 South     2   1  0  0   5   1   0  1  0   0   0    3  2.000