Reading Teams in the FA Cup

The FA Cup was initially very much a Home Counties competition, so it is not surprising that teams from in and around Berkshire feature prominently in its early history. For example, Marlow and Maidenhead met in the First Round in 1871 and have appeared in virtually every competition since. Reading first competed in 1877, however they were not the first team from the town to enter. That honour belongs to Reading Hornets, who first entered in the previous season. The distinction between Hornets and Reading was always blurred: they shared many of the same players and played on the same ground. However after their heavy defeat at Maidenhead in 1877 the Hornets decided to disband and join forces with Reading. In the 1880s three further Reading teams, Reading Abbey, Reading Minster and South Reading, all made an appearance in the competition. South Reading were beaten by Reading in the 1883-84 FA Cup, and were twice Berks & Bucks Senior Cup finalists.

FA Cup 1876-77

4 Nov R1 Swifts2 Reading Hornets0

FA Cup 1877-78

27 Oct R1 Maidenhead10 Reading Hornets0
7 Nov1 R1 READING2 South Norwood0
8 Dec R2 Upton Park1 READING0
1 played at the Dolphin Ground, Slough

FA Cup 1878-79

9 Nov R1 READING1 Hendon FC0
18 Dec R2 READING0 Old Etonians1

FA Cup 1879-80

R1 Henley READING1
1 Reading scratched

FA Cup 1880-81

13 Nov R1 READING5 Hotspur1
13 Nov R1 Reading Abbey1 St Albans0
13 Nov R1 Romford1 Reading Minster1
(R) Reading Minster1 Romford
11 Dec R2 Reading Abbey2 Acton1
18 Dec R2 READING0 Swifts1
12 Feb R3 Romford2 Reading Abbey0
1 Reading Minster scratched

FA Cup 1881-82

22 Oct R1 Windsor Home Park0 Reading Minster1
22 Oct R1 Woodford Bridge1 Reading Abbey1
29 Oct R1 READING5 Hendon FC0
12 Nov (R) Reading Abbey2 Woodford Bridge1
26 Nov R2 READING1 West End11
26 Nov R2 Reading Abbey1 Hotspur4
3 Dec R2 Reading Minster3 Romford1
17 Dec R3 Hotspur0 Reading Minster0
26 Dec (R) Reading Minster0 Hotspur2
R4 Marlow READING3
1 West End disqualified
2 Reading given a bye in Round 3
3 Reading scratched

FA Cup 1882-83

R1 Reading Minster Remnants2
21 Oct R1 South Reading23 Dreadnought13
4 Nov (R) Dreadnought1 South Reading2
R2 Marlow Reading Minster4
R2 South Reading5 bye
29 Nov R2 Royal Engineers8 READING0
6 Jan R3 Hendon FC11 South Reading1
1 Reading given a bye in Round 1
2 Remnants scratched
3 replay ordered after protest
4 Reading Minster scratched
5 South Reading given a bye in Round 2

FA Cup 1883-84

10 Nov R1 READING2 South Reading2
10 Nov R1 Reading Minster1 Old Carthusians10
17 Nov (R) South Reading0 READING4
1 Dec R2 READING1 West End0
22 Dec R3 READING1 Upton Park6

FA Cup 1884-85

8 Nov R1 Hanover United1 Reading Minster0
8 Nov R1 READING2 Rochester0
8 Nov R1 South Reading4 Casuals0
6 Dec R2 Swifts3 South Reading2
6 Dec R2 Upton Park3 READING1

FA Cup 1885-86

31 Oct R1 Dulwich1 South Reading2
31 Oct R1 Rochester6 READING1
21 Nov R2 Clapton11 South Reading1
R3 South Reading Clapham Rovers2
2 Jan R4 South Reading0 Brentwood3
1 Clapton disqualified
2 Clapham Rovers scratched

FA Cup 1886-87

23 Oct R1 Old Carthusians2 READING1
30 Oct R1 South Reading0 Maidenhead2

FA Cup 1887-88

8 Oct R1 Marlow4 South Reading1
15 Oct R1 READING01 Dulwich21
(R) Dulwich READING2
1 replay ordered after protest
2 Reading scratched