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The 1880s saw something of a stagnation in Reading's fortunes, as they became increasingly overshadowed by other Reading teams, such as Reading Abbey and Reading Minster. They continued to enter the FA Cup, but with little success, suffering seven successive defeats from 1884. The club moved from its former grounds at Reading Recreation Ground and Reading Cricket Ground (both situated on King's Meadow) to Coley Park in 1882. The first game on the new ground ended in a 4-0 defeat by Marlow. In 1889 they were on the move again, to Caversham Cricket Ground. The first game once again ended in a heavy defeat, 6-1 to the 2nd Scots Guards, but this was soon followed by an 11-0 win over Wadham College. This move, and an influx of players due to a merger with Earley, served to reinvigorate the club.

FA Cup 1880-81

R1     HotspurN          H  W  5-1
R2     SwiftsN           H  L  0-1
FA Cup 1881-82
R1     Hendon IN         H  W  5-0
R2     West EndN         H  D  1-1 *
R3     bye               * 
R4     MarlowN           A  *

       * West End disqualified
       * Reading given a bye in Round 3
       * Reading scratched
FA Cup 1882-83
R1     bye               * 
R2     Royal EngineersN  A  L  0-8

       * Reading given a bye in Round 1
FA Cup 1883-84
R1     South ReadingN    H  D  2-2
R1(R)  South ReadingN    A  W  4-0
R2     West EndN         H  W  1-0
R3     Upton ParkN       H  L  1-6
FA Cup 1884-85
R1     RochesterN        H  W  2-0
R2     Upton ParkN       A  L  1-3
FA Cup 1885-86
R1     RochesterN        A  L  1-6
FA Cup 1886-87
R1     Old CarthusiansN  A  L  1-2
FA Cup 1887-88
R1     DulwichN          H  L  0-2 *
R1(R)  DulwichN          A  *

       * replay ordered after protest
       * Reading scratched
FA Cup 1888-89
Q1     Luton TownN       A  L  0-4
FA Cup 1889-90
Q2     Old St Paul'sN    H  L  3-4 *

       * after extra time