Charity Shield


The Charity Shield had its origins in the Dewar Charity Shield (or the Sheriff of London Charity Shield), which was contested from 1898 by the two teams adjudged to be the best professional and amateur sides of the season. The Dewar Shield lapsed in 1908 due to a dispute between the FA and the leading amateur teams. It was replaced by the Charity Shield, which was contested by the champions of the Football League and the Southern League. The games were played at the end of the season rather than, as at present, the start of the following season. The most notable performance by a Southern League team was Brighton's win in 1910.

The 1913 Charity Shield was contested by a team of Professionals and a team of Amateurs, the Professionals winning 7-2. The competition was then suspended until after the First World War. When it recommenced in 1920 it had various formats before settling on the current scheme of the League champions playing the FA Cup winners at the start of the following season.

Dewar Shield 1898-1907

Professionals Amateurs
1897-98 Sheffield United0/11 Corinthians0/11
1898-99 Aston Villa02 Queens Park02
1899-00 Aston Villa1 Corinthians2
1900-01 Aston Villa1 Corinthians0
1901-02 Tottenham Hotspur5 Corinthians2
1902-03 Sunderland3 Corinthians0
1903-04 Bury3 Corinthians10
1904-05 The Wednesday2 Corinthians1
1905-06 Liverpool5 Corinthians1
1906-07 Newcastle United5 Corinthians2
1 Sheffield United refused to play extra time (shared)
2 after extra time (shared)

Charity Shield 1908-12

Football League Southern League
1907-08 Manchester United1/4 Queens Park Rangers1/0
1908-09 Newcastle United2 Northampton Town0
1909-10 Aston Villa0 Brighton & Hove A1
1910-11 Manchester United8 Swindon Town4
1911-12 Blackburn Rovers2 Queens Park Rangers1