Football League Test Matches

From 1893 to 1898 promotion and relegation between the Football League Division 1 and Division 2 was decided by Test Matches between the bottom teams in Division 1 and the top teams in Division 2. The system was abandoned when Stoke and Burnley, realising that a draw in their final game would see Burnley promoted and Stoke retain their place, played out a shot-less 0-0 draw. Instead all four teams were elected to an extended Division 1 and a system of automatic promotion and relegation was introduced.

Test Matches 1892-93

Newton Heath1/5 Small Heath1/2
Notts CountyR2 DarwenP3
AccringtonX0 Sheffield UnitedP1
X Accrington resigned after losing Test Match

Test Matches 1893-94

Newton HeathR0 LiverpoolP2
DarwenR1 Small HeathP3
Preston North End4 Notts County0

Test Matches 1894-95

LiverpoolR0 BuryP1
Derby County2 Notts County1
Stoke3 Newton Heath0

Test Matches 1895-96

Small Heath0/0 Liverpool4/0
West Bromwich A1/6 Manchester City1/1
Small Heath0/8 Manchester City3/0
West Bromwich A0/2 Liverpool2/0

Final Table 1895-96

1 LiverpoolP 4211623.0005
2 West Bromwich A 4211942.2505
3 Small HeathR 4112871.1433
4 Manchester City 41125150.3333

Test Matches 1896-97

Burnley2/0 Newton Heath0/2
Sunderland0/0 Notts County1/0
Burnley0/1 Notts County1/1
Sunderland1/2 Newton Heath1/0

Final Table 1896-97

1 Notts CountyP 4220313.0006
2 Sunderland 4121321.5004
3 BurnleyR 4112340.7503
4 Newton Heath 4112350.6003

Test Matches 1897-98

Blackburn Rovers1/0 Burnley3/2
Stoke1/1 Newcastle United2/0
Blackburn Rovers4/0 Newcastle United3/4
Stoke2/0 Burnley0/0

Final Table 1897-98

1 Stoke 4211422.0005
2 BurnleyP 4211531.6675
3 Newcastle United 4202961.5004
4 Blackburn RoversR 41035120.4172
1 all four teams elected to extended Division 1